Owners Andrew Meyer and Marc McDaniel are Bristol natives and longtime friends, returning to their roots after years of honing their respective cooking and management skills in various restaurants. Between them, they have 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry, and they’re passionate about their heritage and emphasizing an Appalachian influence in their cuisine.

Andrew Meyer

Owner/General Manager
Andrew Meyer  studied business at ETSU and got his start in the restaurant industry by serving as a host and working his way up to general manager of both casual dining and quality fast food establishments. Locally, he assisted in opening and managing the Chick-fil-A at the Pinnacle in Bristol. His vision for bistro on 6th is to be a comfortable, relaxed place to come sit and relax, enjoy a great meal, and be in good company among friends and family.

Marc McDaniel

Owner, Executive Chef

Marc McDaniel has spent many years perfecting his culinary skills under the tutelage of skilled chefs all across the South, including Atlanta, Georgia and Jupiter, Florida. As a patron at the bistro, you may be able to overhear Marc singing as he prepares your meal if you listen carefully. When Marc is not busy creating dishes he enjoys music by playing the guitar, and singing made up lyrics to keep his friends entertained. Through bistro on 6th, Marc aspires to take quality, locally sourced ingredients and masterfully prepare gourmet dishes with a distinctly Appalachian flair, creating meals that will keep customers coming back for more.

Come in, eat, and enjoy.